Getting North Dakota Ready For Long Term Care Costs

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North Dakota s total population is 683,932 and this is relatively small compared to the billions of people living in other U.S. states. Despite this, North Dakota long term care is highly in demand because its elderly population is increasing rapidly.

Records of the U.S. Census Bureau show that senior citizens in North Dakota who are 65 years old and older make up 14.5% of the state s total population. This is a notch higher than the national average 13%.

Bismarck is the capital city of North Dakota which has only 61,272 residents but surprisingly, the population of elderly folks that reside here is 15.4%. Bismarck is the seat of various long term care (LTC) facilities like nursing homes, assisted living, adult day care health centers, and home health care agencies among others. Although these LTC facilities are just a stone s throw away from most of the residents homes, they find each inaccessible from the financial perspective.

Residents whose parents have started to manifest symptoms of Alzheimer s say they do not know yet where to acquire quality care because they don t have enough in their nest eggs to cover the expenses which their parents could possibly incur in a nursing home.

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At present, the average daily rate of a private room in a North Dakota nursing home is $221. Although the average length of stay of an elderly in a nursing home is three years, LTC experts said people suffering from Alzheimer s and other forms of dementia may require 10 years of care.

North Dakotans worry that they might not be able to fulfill their obligation to their loved ones and if this happens they could end up in an untimely death.

Preparing for North Dakota Long Term Care Costs

Everybody who is moving towards the age of retirement should consider a comprehensive LTC plan for this is the only way that he can spare himself and his family from the high costs of care.

Elder care specialists advise members of the working class younger than 50 to start weighing their options in the LTC market. They can purchase a long term care insurance (LTCI) policy and enjoy big discounts on their premiums. They can consider a hybrid life insurance with LTC rider. There s reverse mortgages to look into or perhaps annuities among others. The list of choices goes on and all that one has to do in order to figure out what he ll need is to stop and take a look at the list.

North Dakota is not different from other U.S. states that are currently threatened by extremely high LTC costs. However, this state s residents can make themselves different if they act more responsibly on their future health care needs.

North Dakota is not just about tall buildings and endless freeways. It boasts scenic fishing spots, awe-inspiring hiking trails and many other admirable places that are perfect for different kinds of outdoor activities. These places should not only represent the active and healthy lifestyle of the state s residents but must also serve as a gauge of their determination to do things correctly no matter how difficult such as planning for topnotch North Dakota long term care.

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