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Understanding Dwi}

Understanding DWI


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Driving While Intoxicated (DWI) is the title of classification used to identify a drunk driving within the overall category known as Driving Under the Influence (DUI). Operating Under the Influence (OUI) and Operating a Motor Vehicle Intoxicated (OMVI) are the two other titles that fall within the DUI category. While laws specific to DWI do vary from state to state, a driver is generally in violation of DWI laws if they are unable to safely operate their vehicle due to intoxication. Intoxication is determined through set standards for Blood-Alcohol Concentration (BAC), Field Sobriety, and Implied Consent Laws.

After being stopped by a law enforcement agent for suspected DWI, it is up to the agents discretion on how they will determine whether you are intoxicated enough to classify as DWI. Chemical tests involving the use of a Breathalyzer device allow the law enforcement agent to determine whether or not your BAC is above or below the legal limit for the state you are currently in. As stated before, many factors depend on the state the offense has taken place in. Some states have per se laws that allow for a breathalyzer returning results of a BAC at or above the state limit to be enough evidence to determining that you are intoxicated. Nationwide, Zero Tolerance laws have been passed that have a similar standpoint, however these pertain to those under the legal drinking age of 21 if their breathalyzer results are .02 BAC or higher, and can even be considered anything higher than 0.0 BAC depending on the state.

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If the per se laws do not apply in the specific situation, the law enforcement agent may determine DWI through a field sobriety test. This often involves the driver to successfully complete a series of tasks that the agent has requested. Examples of tests an agent may request are: walking heel to toe in a straight line, recitation of the alphabet backwards, and horizontal gaze nystagmus test. It is uncommon to find an agent performing just a field sobriety test in a situation involving a suspected DWI.

All drivers have essentially agreed to implied consent laws by registering for their drivers license. What this means for a driver involved in a possible DWI suspicion is that they are required to submit to a requested for of chemical testing when the DWI accusations have been levied. If the driver refuses to submit to chemical testing they will be heavily penalized as refusal carries harsher punishment than failure of the specific test or even amplify the penalties if the DWI conviction occurs. At a minimum, those refusing such tests will have their license suspended for six months to one year.

At the time when a Driving While Intoxicated case makes its way to a court of law, the arresting law enforcement agent will provide an eye witness account of your actions while driving before you had been pulled over. This information coupled with the negative results from any of the standards set above will often result in a conviction for DWI. While it is never wise to drunk drive, each state does have their own specific standards that you should be fully aware of before getting behind the wheel of a car if you have even had one drink. It is your responsibility as a driver to know the laws pertaining to the road, especially when impairment may be involved.

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Etiquette For Online Matrimonial Websites

Submitted by: Ritesh Narula

The Indian arrange marriage system underwent an interesting evolution with the dawn of online matrimonial websites. Now, most people looking for a potential spouse chose to create a profile on one such website that fits their requirement. The surge of caste specific and even profession specific websites has made it possible for Indian bachelors and spinsters around the world to find themselves the perfect match by simply registering on these websites.

Simply creating a profile is not the end of the game. While you are preparing yourself to find someone who you will spend the rest of your life with, you need to make sure you are within the realms of online etiquette that is required to be followed on such matrimonial websites:

Creating a Profile

When you are creating yourself a profile, remember that this is what will represent you on the portal to encourage or discourage suitors to contact you. It is important that your profile and what you put on it is well thought out and carefully updated.

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The profile should be error free and must contain sufficient information on yourself and your family background. Be sure to include only factual information with reference to your demographics, marital status, ethnicity etc. Stay trues yourself and do not overstate anything. Eventually the opposite party is bound to acquire the correct information and that may leave a bad taste between both the partners.

In addition to information related to family and religion, Indian matrimonial websites also allow you update your academic and professional information. This is of crucial importance among many potential brides and grooms who are looking for partners belonging to a certain academic and professional environment. Fill in accurate details to ensure that you are able to attract the right kind of suitors for yourself.

How to Communicate:

In addition to the static information that you have provided on your profile, the way you carry out your conversations after another profile has shown interest in you is also very important. Your style of conversation projects a lot about your personality.

Whether you initiate a communication through the automated email feature available on most free registrations or you commence a personalized email or chat conversation to get to know the bride or groom you are interested in better, you need to make sure you maintain the code of etiquette while doing so.

The fact you have invested on a matrimony website for the personalized chat or email features suggests that you are serious about the entire search process. Spending on a paid profile makes other users trust you more.

Also, if you come across any profile on an Indian matrimonial website that sounds more perfect than normal, you need to make sure you are conversing with a genuine party. Get to know the other person via email or chat first before you take a larger step of meeting in person.

All in all you can ensure yourself a stress free search experience on an Indian Matrimonial website provided you do not deviate from the conventional customs and norms of internet communications and maintain your integrity when it comes to seeking a life partner.

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