The Acca P6 Module: Advanced Taxation}

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The ACCA P6 Module is part of the Professional (P) Level Options Module, and those who will be taking it should have a good grasp of the techniques and concepts that were taught in Module F6: Taxation. In this paper, the topics in F6 will be discussed on a managerial level to make sure that students will be able to give their future clients advice and information regarding the effects of major taxes on their businesses. Since this exam is not compulsory, those who decide to take it must fully understand that they should have sufficient knowledge on taxes, tax systems, and their implications on individuals and companies. This will ensure their success on the P6 examinations.

Objectives of the ACCA P6 Syllabus

The aim of the ACCA P6 Module is to test the student’s background knowledge on taxation and how they can use this knowledge in giving financial advice to their clients. The concepts and topics that will be covered in the P6 paper will help students come up with financial decisions that will be beneficial for the company. Those who are comfortable with the topics discussed in F6 will probably find it easy to understand the P6 Module.

Some of the topics that P6 will cover are: Income tax liabilities, inheritance tax, value added tax, and chargeable gains.

ACCA P6 Past Papers

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ACCAs official website gives access to UKs P6 past papers from December 2007 to December 2012. They also have P6 past papers from several different countries, including Singapore, South Africa, Malaysia, and China. These were the actual P6 exams that were taken by students in the past, so examinees will have a good idea how they could prepare for the upcoming exams.

The P6 Examination

The ACCA P6 exam is divided into two parts, Parts A and B. Part A makes up 50-70% of the exam, depending on the type of question. The questions will most likely require a letter or a report as answers because it will tackle the application of taxes on different situations. Part B makes up 30-50% of the exam, which will require the examinee to answer two out of three questions. The questions may be worth 15 to 25 marks each.

Answering the P6 Exam

To be able to pass the ACCA P6 exams, it is advisable for the students to have a good grasp of their local laws on taxations. It will also help a lot if they are able to understand their local tax system very well. Knowing how to apply this knowledge on certain scenarios will definitely help the examinee gain good marks in the P6 examination.

Passing Rates for ACCA P6 Module

Since December 2007, the average passing rate for the ACCA P6 examination is 39.09%. To be a part of the passers list, students must make sure they study very hard for the upcoming exams. Various study materials are available on ACCAs website and other ACCA-affiliated sites.

Reviewing for the ACCA P6 Examinations

The ACCA P6 exam is not mandatory, so those who are planning to take it must be fully comfortable with topics regarding taxation laws and systems. The official website of ACCA provides access to its past P6 papers from various countries. They also provide study guides, examinable documents, and technical articles to prepare students for their big challenge.

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Amys Fantasies Hentai Game Review}

Amys Fantasies Hentai Game Review



Hentai games do not involve actual/realistic human figures, but cartoon images, often stereotyped with a Japanese look. The major elements of these games are romance, dating, flirting, and sexual themes ranging from normal to the taboo and bizarre. The games combine fantasy and imagination with some interactive elements to create a new world around the user.

Amys fantasies is more of a sexually oriented game. It involves fantasy and desire. There are three stories all containing themes based on sex. The protagonist is a girl called Emi, who takes on different roles a student, nurse, or a maid. Her father dies leaving her with a debt to repay.

She is still in school and secretly in love with her stepbrother. Nearing her 18th birthday she decides to reveal the secret to her brother.

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Dramatic action begins when the tax collectors confiscate her property before she could confess her love to him. Moreover, the stepbrother soon disappears, and she sets out to find him.

This is the middle of the story, when the girl takes on three different roles to locate her stepbrother. There are all sorts of temptations, and she begins to show different sides of her personality. A second personality called Amy soon develops, adding humor to the story.

The game combines sexual themes with comical elements. This is a bishojo game. The perspective is from the female point of view.

The negative aspect of the story are graphics and the small screen view. The game combines three different stores on different locations with different characters and roles.

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