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How To Find The Best Indian Caterers}

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Catering companies are the modern-day heroes of event planners. Imagine if you have to cook all the foods to be served and prepare the venue yourself too! To save time and effort, planners opt to hire the best caterers around. This is especially true for Indian weddings here in the UK. Indians have unique tastes when it comes to foods and decorations, so its absolutely a must to choose the Indian wedding catering London that knows the Indian culture well.

So how do you tell which one is the best? Here are a few tips:

1. Make a list of the qualities youre looking for in a catering company. Before you set out to search the best Indian caterers, first settle what characteristics the best catering company should have. Here are some typical parameters: food quality and safety, hospitality and professionalism of service crew, design, reputation, years of experience, credentials, proximity to your venue, price, discounts, and others.

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2. Ask your Indian friends. Once youre done with your list, think of any Indian friends who recently threw a party or anybody who might know of somebody who did. Got that? Ask them important questions about the list of qualities you wrote beforehand and make sure to take careful note of them.

3. Research online. You can now turn to the powers of the Internet to find out what other customers are saying about the company your friends recommended. There are many restaurant review sites that give honest ratings and comments on restaurant services. One of the most reputed sites is You can search for the nearest catering companies to your venue and from there choose which companies possess the qualities youre looking for. This will narrow down your list of choices.

You can also go to forums and search for related threads such as best halal caterers London. Usually customers give more detailed reviews of various products and services on forums than on quick review sites.

4. Finalise your choices and visit each one personally. The common mistake some event planners do is to close the deal without meeting the catering staff personally. You have to make sure that they are what they seem to be on the Internet so grab your quality checklist and head over each one of your options. Observe the manners, attitude, and hygiene of the workers; cleanliness and design of the place; and the menu they offer. Also see if you can negotiate a discount; it never hurts to save a pound or two.

5. Finalise your decision. Now that youve personally visited each of your top choices, its time to sit down and go over your notes. Finalize which of the choices possess the most number of qualities youre looking for in a catering company, and do so quickly. If you decided that the Indian food catering London restaurant is the best fit, book a schedule with them quickly or you may lose the spot to other planners.

There you have it! Always stay proactive and alert in searching for the best Indian catering company and youll surely do just fine.

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Build Then Sell Concept Vs Sell Then Build Concept In Malaysia Property Development

By Khoo BT

The Malaysia government recently approved the concept of build-then-sell for housing development project. The build-then-sell concept is essentially a 10:90 concept whereby the house purchaser pay 10% of the purchase price first and then pay the remaining 90% of the purchase price upon the completion of the house with certificate of fitness issued.

The conventional sell-then-build require the purchaser to pay 10% of the purchase price upon the signing of the sale & purchase agreement and the remaining 90% is progressively paid to the developer in accordance with term of payment according to stages of construction as stipulated in the sale & purchase agreement. The developers are required to adopt the term of payment approved by the housing ministry for the remaining 90% of the purchase price. The house purchaser can pay the developer by cash or bank loan. In essence, in the sell-then-build, the house buyer part finance the developer in the construction of the project and the financial institution basically lend the money to the individual purchasers.

In the build-then-sell concept, the developers will not get to be financed by the purchasers like in the case of sell-then-build and therefore the developers will have to obtain more financing from the financial institution to finance the project up to the stage of completion.

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In order for the build-then-sell concept to work, the bank will have to play a major role by providing the additional financing up to the stage of completion and this will inevitably increase the risk exposure of the financial institution. The bank normally will prefer to lend to individual purchasers in many smaller parcels instead of lending it all to the developer in one parcel.

Hence, for those companies that has just started to venture into the property development field where they do not have the necessary track record, it will be rather difficult for them to convince the bank to provide them with the financing to do it in the new build-then-sell way.

Fortunately the two concept will be allowed to run parallel otherwise many aspiring up-start developers will not be able to kick start their project.

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