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Gps Child Tracking Devices For Concerned Parents}

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GPS Child Tracking Devices for Concerned Parents


D.M. Gardner

One of the most frightening experiences for a parent is to lose sight oftheir child. No matter where this happens, in a crowded mallor at a100 acre park, the feeling ofpanic can be overwhelming. To avoid such circumstances,GPS Child Tracking Devicescan be used to locate missing children. These tracking devices come in several different types and not all are appropriate for use by parents. Some of the more high tech devices arebetter suited for use by law enforcement agencies.

Before making a purchase it is wise to know some facts about GPS Child Tracking Devices and how they work.First of all, some tracking devices work indoors and outdoors while others are restricted to outdoor use. This is fine ifa parent only wants to use itwhen the child is playing outdoors, on a camping trip, orwhile visiting an amusement park.If a parent chooses to put money into a child tracking device, it would be best to purchase one that can be used both indoors and outdoors.

Another modelthat is available isperfect forteenagers. Itis used to locate theteen and the car he is driving.Install this device in the family car and it will give location andspeed information. This way the parent can tell if the child is walking or in a vehicle, and can receive speed alerts to let them knowhow fast the child is driving.

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The best GPS Child Tracking Devices incorporate allof these featuresplus anSOS button thatallows thechild to send a message for help to five different people. This feature could mean the difference between life and death in serious situations.

MostGPS Child Tracking Devices use the Internet toreportthe child’s location andsend out alertsvia the company’s website. Messages can also be sent to smartphones such as theBlackberry, iPhone, or Windows Mobile phone.Some deviceslet parents track their children in 3Dusing Google Earth or Microsoft Virtual Earth.Parents canset the trackingdevices togive updates as often as every fifteen seconds if desired.

The cost of child tracking devices vary depending on the features and services offered. Prices start at around $150.00 andrange to$600.00. The monthly fees for servicealso vary with $15.00 to $20.00 being the average. Devices with more advancedfeatures can costup to $69.00 a month, plus some systems charge aone time setup fee. The sense of security that comes from having a GPSChild Tracking Deviceoutweighs the cost byfar.

It is sad to think that children are not safe in their own backyards, but such is the state of the world today. Parents should take the necessary measures to keep their children safe whether at home or away. Hopefully this information on GPS Child Tracking Devices will assist parents in selecting the model that best suits their needs.

Morgan Garrett is an advocate of child protection and enjoys helping parents to be informed of currently available options in

gps tracking

protection. He offers some great information on

gps child tracking

as well as pets, vehicles, fleet, cellphone, and real time tracking.

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GPS Child Tracking Devices for Concerned Parents }

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Eur/Usd: Dovish Fomc Minutes, What About Greece?}

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GROWTHACES.COM Forex Trading Strategies

Trading Postions

EUR/USD trading strategy: long at 1.1370, target 1.1550, stop-loss 1.1290

AUD/USD trading strategy: long at 0.7680, target 0.7900, stop-loss 0.7730

NZD/USD trading strategy: long at 0.7340, target 0.7660 stop-loss 0.7450

Pending Orders

GBP/USD trading strategy: buy at 1.5400, if filled – target 1.5580, stop-loss 1.5320, risk factor **

EUR/CHF trading strategy: buy at 1.0630, if filled – target 1.0990, stop-loss 1.0540, risk factor *

EUR/JPY trading strategy: buy at 135.05, if filled – target 137.70, stop-loss 134.20, risk factor ***

GBP/JPY trading strategy: buy at 183.00, if filled – target 186.20, stop-loss 182.00, risk factor ***

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AUD/JPY trading strategy: buy at 92.30, if filled – target 94.30, stop-loss 91.60, risk factor ***

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EUR/USD: Dovish FOMC Minutes, What About Greece?

(long for 1.1550)

The minutes from the Fed’s January 27-28 policy-setting meeting released yesterday expressed concern last month that raising interest rates too soon may be harmful to U.S. economic recovery.

FOMC members remain cautious, worried about further growth in the labor market as well as low inflation with slow wage growth weighing on spending. The minutes showed U.S. policymakers were generally against removing the word “patient” as it could result in expectations for a rate hike sooner rather than later. Fed officials maintained in the minutes released on Wednesday that a decision on when to raise rates would remain dependent on economic data, though moving too early was cause for concern.

Though policymakers expect the recent bout of low U.S. inflation to prove transitory, they also said the different measures of expectations needed to be monitored closely.

In its January policy statement, the Fed gave a nod to turmoil in markets across the globe, saying it would take financial and international developments into account. It was the first time since January 2013 that the Fed made an overt reference to overseas economic events in its policy statement.

In our opinion FOMC minutes were much more dovish than widely expected. Let us remind that January Fed statement was interpreted rather as hawkish by the market.

Fed Governor Jerome Powell sked how the central bank plans to manage market expectations when it eventually drops the key “patient” word from its policy statement, said the Fed aims not to surprise investors.

The USD was strengthening before the release of the minutes yesterday and the EUR/USD reached a days low at 1.1335. We got long on the EUR/USD at 1.1370, in line with our strategy. The USD returned its gains against the EUR in the wake of the minutes.

EUR/USD investors are also focused on Greek bailout compromise proposal sent to European creditors. Greece requested a six-month extension in its rescue loan agreement without the associated budget measures. Euro zone finance ministers will meet in Brussels on Friday to discuss Greece’s request for an extension of its bailout programme. A solution of the Greek debt problem will be welcomed by the EUR bulls.

Significant technical analysis’ levels:

Resistance: 1.1450 (high Feb 17), 1.1486 (high Feb 6), 1.1499 (high Feb 5)

Support: 1.1351 (21-dma), 1.1335 (low Feb 18), 1.1322 (low Feb 17)

USD/JPY: Strong Exports Data Did Not Help The JPY

(stay sideways)

Japan’s trade deficit fell in January to JPY 1.18 trillion. Exports surged a stronger-than-expected 17% yoy to JPY 6.1 trillion, powered by strong shipments of vehicles and machinery. Imports fell 9% to JPY 7.32 trillion, with a nearly 25% drop in imports of oil and gas.

Exports to the United States rose 16.5% yoy in January, while exports to China, whose economy has been slowing, jumped nearly 21% yoy.

Japan’s government upgraded its outlook for exports, but left its overall economic assessment of a moderate recovery unchanged. The Cabinet Office also raised its view of the employment situation in Japan, but said a weak consumer mindset and consumption could remain a drag on the overall economy.

Japanese Economics Minister Akira Amari said on Thursday that it will take more time for Japan’s economy to escape from chronic trade deficits because of energy imports.

Japan’s economy rebounded from a recession to grow an annualised 2.2% in the final quarter of last year, but the expansion was much lower than expected due to weak consumer demand.

In the monthly Tankan survey, sentiment index for manufacturers rose in February to 11 from 9 in January, led by gains in autos/transport equipment industry. On the other hand the managers complained about the lack of strength in private consumption amid the lingering effects of the tax hike as well as of the subdued external demand. The service-sector index rose to 22 from 20 in January. A positive number means optimists outnumber pessimists.

The USD/JPY fell yesterday to a days low of 118.55 as the USD was under pressure of dovish FOMC minutes and pared-down expectations of a June Fed rate hike. Good trade data had little impact on the exchange rate. The trade is thin today due to lunar new year holidays.

We stay sideways on the USD/JPY, but are looking to get long on the EUR/JPY and GBP/JPY pairs.

Significant technical analysis’ levels:

Resistance: 119.41 (high Feb 18), 120.46 (high Feb 12), 120.48 (high Feb 11)

Support: 118.25 (low Feb 17), 118.20 (low Feb 16), 117.19 (low Feb 6)

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About the Author: We encourage you to visit our website and subscribe to our newsletter to receive daily forex anaalysis and trading strategies:


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Things To Watch Out For In A Used Car

Things To Watch Out For In A Used Car


Gregg Hall

Used cars are not regulated as well as the new car industry is which leaves a lot of room for unscrupulous snake oil salesmen to enter the business. There is no lemon law for used cars so in most cases if you buy a vehicle with problems you are out of luck. With that said there are things that you can do to avoid problems.

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First off, doing some research first and have an idea of what you want to begin with. You should have it down to at least a certain category of vehicle and preferably down to maybe three or four models. Check the approximate values at a site like so you have at least some idea of what the vehicle should sell for.

When shopping for a used car it is even more crucial that you shop in the daytime and in clear sunny weather so that you can see any blemishes. I have seen many cars that looked good in the rain only to reveal faded paint and blemishes in the sunlight.

One thing you must realize is that there is no used car factory so you may have to make some compromises. Do not compromise on safety and don’t by a vehicle that has a laundry list of issues that you will have to repair yourself.

You should always take the vehicle for a road test and if at all possible take it overnight. You should then take it to your mechanic and have them check the vehicle out and let you know what they think of it. If it has too many problems pass on it.

Make safety a primary concern. Buy a vehicle that is new enough to include airbags and if possible anti-lock brakes as well.

Another big thing to watch out for especially after the flooding in Louisiana and Mississippi last year from Hurricane Katrina is flood damage. There are many crooks who will buy flood damaged vehicles and have them detailed and cleaned up and sell them as perfect. A flood damaged vehicle will be fraught with problems from engine problems to the electrical system and more. One area that is often overlooked by these crooks is the seat belt retainer cover. If you pull the seat belt all the way out you may find evidence of mildew or even mud!

One of the best things to do also is to go to a dealer who uses the new Carfax system which reports any major issues that vehicle has ever had.

Gregg Hall is a business consultant and author for many online and offline businesses and lives in Navarre Florida with his 16 year old son. For the

quality car care products,/a> to care for your car go to stopwaxing.comArticle Source:

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