Vo Ip Training An Inside Look}

VoIP Training – An Inside Look


Scott Knutson

Whenever there’s a new technology, there’s an almost immediate demand for technical support and this is true of VoIP systems. But where can you expect to get that support? It may be more available that you expect.

VoIP stands for Voice Over Internet Protocol and this emerging technology certainly appears to be catching on, especially in certain circles. Some major companies and industries are finding the advantage of implementing VoIP to create better communication systems, often at a lower cost than traditional telephone service. Very basically, VoIP allows users to make unlimited voice communications to anywhere without incurring long distance charges. The process is very similar to emailing, but with voice capabilities rather than relying on the written word.

Because this technology has some ties to existing technology, there are many people who are just a few steps away from being prepared to install, maintain, repair and trouble shoot the VoIP systems. Large companies especially may find that there are those within the organization who need a minimal amount of training in order to be ready for this task.

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So what are your options when it comes to VoIP training? Actually, they’re not nearly as limited as you might think. For those who live in larger cities, you may very well find that there are seminars, hands-on training and workshops nearby. In those cases, you’ll be able to choose the intensity of the sessions based on how much (or how little) you already know.

If you have large universities or technical schools in your area, you may also find that these have some excellent training opportunities. Though there seem to be a limited number of colleges and technical training facilities that offer VoIP training as a regular curriculum item, there’s little doubt that it will come in the near future.

Distance learning is also an option in many areas. If you don’t find some VoIP training that you’re interested in available in your area, consult area universities, libraries or community programs about the possibility of establishing a VoIP distance learning class. There are several advantages to distance learning over correspondence or online courses. You have the opportunity to interact with the teacher and other students via an Internet connection (voice and video, as a rule). You also have hands on classroom experience and lessons, just as you would in a traditional classroom. There’s also the fact that you meet at a prearranged time on a regular basis for the duration of the course – a fact that many people find necessary in order to maintain their focus and to complete assigned coursework.

If none of these are available, or if you simply can’t commit to regular meeting times, you may find that online courses in VoIP is a great way to get the training you need. There are several options, so take time to consider those companies offering VoIP training to be sure you’ll have worthwhile information at the end of the course. If hands-on work is vital to your learning style, look for training that offers real-life situational exercises.

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Misunderstandings About E.Coli Bacteria

Submitted by: Vedran Hasanagic

E. coli General Information

There is a great lack of knowledge in the general population related to E. coli bacteria.

We will try to give some explanations in plain language and clear up some uncertainties, myths and truth about this widespread bacterium.

E. coli, professionally known as Escherichia coli (named after Theodor Escherich), has several species and subspecies.

One of these species is usually found and resides in the lower abdomen of warm-blooded animals, . Most types of E. coli are harmless and can even be useful. However some species such as O157: H7 or O111: B4 (recently found in America in the whole fields of spinach) are extremely harmful and can lead to complications and even death.

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Useful types of E. coli that normally live in our digestive tract, produce vitamn K and protect the stomach from other more dangerous bacteria.

All types of Escherichia coli bacteria are specific to the environment in which they have developed and can be easily classified by the laboratory. Therefore, it is relatively easy to determine whether the infection came from animals, humans or birds. For example, if the cause of outbreaks of infection are due to contaminated water from wells, we can establish whether the water is contaminated by human, animal or bird feces.

Some types of E. coli can mutate while within an organism, becoming harmful to the organism. In healthy individuals, this mutation generally causes diarrhea and eventually disappears without medication.

157: H7 and O111: B4 can cause greater consequences, even death in elderly people and children with weak immune systems.

Normally E. coli will settle in the digestive tract of newborn babies within 40 to 45 hours after birth, through water, food, or people in contact with the baby.

This is the natural process of getting useful Escherichia into our bodies, that is, if the E. coli does not mutate to become a harmful species.

In abnormal circumstances, so to speak, E. coli can cause infections in the urinary and digestive tracts, and can cause inflammation of the meninges (meningitis). In rare cases, E. coli may cause other diseases such as pneumonia and septic disease.


Chlamydia and Mycoplasma are two bacteria that like Escherichia coli can cause urinary tract infections. Treatment needed to resolve these bacteria is similar to that of Escherichia coli bacteria. However, these two bacteria are often transmitted by sexual relations, and the treatment of both partners is necessary.

B-Streptococcus in rare cases may be the cause of urinary tract infections. This bacteria is different from other bacteria. Streptococci can settle in the organism, without infecting or causing the body to become sick. Adults can carry the bacteria in the digestive, urinary and genital tract. About 20% of pregnant women are carriers of the bacteria in the vaginal tract. This kind of so-called colonization in the human body is usually harmless. However, if Streptococci somehow reaches the bloodstream, it can be fatal.

People with weakened immune systems due to cancer or chronic illness can be infected by Streptococcus.

Staphylococcus Saprophyticus Taphylococcus lives in the urinary tract of about 5% of healthy men and women. Staphylococcus is the second most common cause of urinary tract infection in sexually active women. This type should be distinguished from Staphylococcus Staphylococci which causes skin infections. This bacteria can be treated in the much the same way as E. coli. Proteus Mirabilis.

Vedran Hasanagic M.D., A.M.

About the Author: Hasanagic, living in Canada involved in variety projects in field of, herbal natural medicine. Vedran Hasanagic E-Drops for treating Benign Urinary Tract Infections are approved by Health Canada and EU.

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